Why hemorrhoids develops some and "bypasses" the other? For a long time studying hemorrhoids scientists and doctors have advanced and developed many theories of disease; some of them will remain relevant to this day, and some turned out to be false. This section discusses the current views on the origin of hemorrhoids, allowing for a more efficient and effective methods of treatment and prevention. 
Attentive readers may have noted that the foundation and the place of formation of hemorrhoids are cavernous calf - venous plexus beneath the mucous membrane in the lower part of the rectum. Their swelling and damage to the stool during bowel movements, accompanied by pain and release of blood characterize as hemorrhoids painful process. What is the reason for increase in the cavernous cells?

Hemorrhoids Causes

How Do Hemorrhoids Develop?

Experts are not sure what causes hemorrhoids to develop. Several factors could be to blame, including:

Hemorrhoids Causes

The veins around your anus tend to stretch under pressure and may bulge or swell. Swollen veins (hemorrhoids) can develop from an increase in pressure in the lower rectum.

Is hemorrhoids tumor disease?

Sometimes in the popular literature and among the incompetent people argued that hemorrhoids is a tumor disease. I would like to debunk misconceptions: hemorrhoids has nothing to do with tumors, and even more advanced rectal cancer, although the combination of these diseases is not excluded.

Hemorrhoids and internal diseases

All diseases of internal organs, leading to stagnation of blood in the pelvic veins and the veins of the rectum can cause hemorrhoids. For example, an incorrect position of the uterus or inflammatory diseases of the genital organs of women, as well as tumors of the pelvis and in some cases lead to an increase of hemorrhoids due to compression of the veins. Often the cause of hemorrhoids is a long formation during urination in men with narrowing of the urethra or prostate adenoma.

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

Very often in the second half of pregnancy or postpartum women manifested hemorrhoids. During childbearing uterus increases considerably in volume, and the time of delivery occupies a large portion of the abdominal cavity. Some organs - stomach, liver, loops of small and large intestine due to the mobility shift upwards. The rectum can make a difference and, therefore, as it pushes the uterus. Pinched and venous blood vessels, which leads to blood stagnation and increase them in the cavernous bodies.

Hemorrhoids and constipation

Probably the most common cause of hemorrhoids - chronic constipation. And here is seen clearly two-way communication: constipation cause hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids promotes constipation. Conditions for the formation of congestion and edema are incorporated in the structure of the veins of the rectum, and the motivating factor is often a delay of fecal content in the lower intestine.

The role of nutrition

Virtually every nation, the country and even families have their own eating habits and taste preferences. But almost all to improve the taste of food products and use a variety of seasonings and spices. Most often it is sharp additives that make food taste better, improve appetite, stimulate the formation of digestive juices, stimulates the process of digestion. The use of spices and seasonings to become so familiar that without any food seems tasteless.

Profession and lifestyle in the hemorrhoids development

Most of us tend to think that one-third of life we give sleep, and two-thirds are awake - to work, more or less actively relax, socialize with friends, family, doing household chores, eat and do much more. Health status is not in the least depend on th way we manage time, what we eat, how to rest, by whom and where we work.

Hemorrhoid and heredity

Hemorrhoids development in the human species - a tribute to evolution. But it is clear that this disease is not overtaken by all members of humanity, and therefore, there are additional conditions and causes that are a result of increased pressure in the rectal veins associated with the vertical position of the body, causing a persistent change in the cavernous cells and eventually - a disease. 

Hemorrhoids and Bipedalism

Studies and observations of biologists, veterinarians and doctors have shown that in animals, even those close to the person as a monkey, hemorrhoids never found. With what it is connected: in fact we are anatomically very similar? The answer is clear: people - being bipedal, and his body most of his life in an upright position, in this regard, he, unlike animal center of gravity downward and is located in the pelvis.