Hemorrhoids surgery

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids Vacuuming method

The prevalence of hemorrhoids, the acquirer in the industrialized world epidemic, defeat large numbers of people of working age the most, long stay, sick leave, leading to the loss of a significant number of working days, the hemorrhoid puts in a number of outstanding general medical and socio-economic problems [3,1 ].

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids

Operation - the most radical, but not a safe way to treat hemorrhoids. The use of surgical treatment always requires caution, convincing argument. If you are offered an operation, be sure to discuss with your doctor all the details of the treatment (why surgery is needed, what is its risk, what is forecast for the development of the disease in the surgical treatment and that can give therapy). Ask as many questions as you need to understand every nuance weigh the "pros" and "cons".

Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair

Currently, there is a very safe method of treatment of hemorrhoids, which is based on ligation of hemorrhoidal arteries under control Doppler ultrasound in combination with tightening-lifting hemorrhoids (HAL-RAR). On today's time this method is the most secure, reliable and justified.

Ligation of hemorrhoids latex rings

The current method of ligation of hemorrhoids latex rings gained importance and distribution due to its effectiveness. Method itself is not new - it was known about him, even in ancient times.

Sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids

Sclerotherapy - is primarily a method of treatment, which resulted in the formation of vascular injected drug inducing effect of sclerosis. That is due to the hardening of the desired portion of the vascular education can achieve relief of symptoms. And often by skilled application of this technique can be obtained and a long delay the progression of the disease itself. As a method of treatment, sclerotherapy is used in various branches of medicine for the treatment of many serious diseases. Rightful place sclerotherapy found in proctology.

Radiowave ablation of hemorrhoids

In modern time, about 10% of the cases subject to surgical hemorrhoid surgery. In other cases, practiced non-surgical treatment, which uses a minimally invasive technique. Time has shown that it is really possible to treat hemorrhoids without pain and achieve excellent results, if medical care treated timely. If for some reason medical care is delayed, then the treatment can cause various issues.

Infrared coagulation hemorrhoids

Methods Infrared coagulation hemorrhoids is pressure on the leg of the haemorrhoid outgoing from the fiber thermal energy and, as a consequence, the feeding and gluing zapustevaniyu node vessels. As a result, hemorrhoids stop precipitate disappears bleeding.