Hemorrhoids Treatment

Conservative therapy of acute hemorrhoids

Conservative therapy in the treatment of acute hemorrhoids is becoming increasingly important. This fact is related to the spread of the disease, the frequency of uptake of such patients to general practitioners and the emergence of the pharmaceutical market sufficiently effective painkillers, thrombolytic, and flebotonicheskih hemostatic agents.

Electroradiosurgical hemorrhoidectomy -  new direction in proctology

Since the release of surgery as an independent branch of medicine does not stop searching for the "ideal scalpel" - a tool to effectively cut tissue with minimal side effects. Known today dissection methods have significant drawbacks. Mechanical cutting does not provide necessary hemostatic electrosurgical effect on the tissue causes coagulation necrosis in the zone of contact with the plate elektroskalpelya, the use of ultrasonic dissection often leads to suppuration of wounds, and in laser dissection occurs inevitably burn in the impact zone of the beam.

Ligation of hemorrhoids latex ring using cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common human disease Its prevalence reaches 118-120 cases per 1000 adults, and share in the structure coloproctological disease ranges from 32,2-41% according to different authors. The main method of radical treatment in the country remains a surgical: Milligan hemorrhoidectomy under-Morgan, which persists long after the pain symptom, prolonged loss of disability.

Conservative hemorrhoid treatment with associated and related diseases anorectal and pelvic organs

Almost all of the literature on the treatment of hemorrhoids, is devoted to operational methods of treatment. Each physician clinics providing treatment for hemorrhoids, as well as patients who self-medicate the disease, swim in the sea of various drugs, suppositories, offers various firms.

Treatment of chronic anal fissure

Anal fissure occurs quite frequently in the structure of diseases of the colon. Anal fissure - "disease small, but causes much suffering, cure of which brings a lot of joy." Suffer from this disease mostly aged 20-60 years old, get sick more often women (60-70%). The etiology of the disease is described quite foreign and domestic authors. The clinical picture of anal fissure is quite characteristic, where there is a triad of symptoms: pain during and after defecation, spasm of the sphincter and scant bleeding during defecation.


Treatment with leeches, or girudoterapiya - ancient and very interesting methods used in a variety of diseases. Saliva of leeches contains hirudin - a substance having the property of slow blood clotting and improve its fluidity, so they have long been used and reduces blood clotting agent. Leeches are used in diseases of the blood vessels, thrombosis, varicose disease, hypertension, venous ulcers, and, of course, hemorrhoids.  Leeches are sold and stored in glass jars with raw water.

Homeopathic remedies

For the treatment of hemorrhoids in homeopathy used aloe korrozivus Mercurius, Nux vomica, Sulphur Eskuljus, graphite, belladonna. Summarizes the characteristics of these drugs with indication of specific actions, the main symptoms that determine the choice of drug, and the recommended division (concentration).Aloe (aloes) - agave (aloes)Specific action: to venous stasis.

Lifestyle and hemorrhoids

If you notice at these or other symptoms of hemorrhoids, make sure you consult your doctor, who will make the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. In most cases, the effect of therapy does not slow down a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. And the disease has receded, performance is restored, you feel completely healthy. It would seem, what more could you ask for? But hemorrhoids - a chronic disease, characterized by exacerbations, interspersed with almost asymptomatic period.

New drugs in the treatment of acute exacerbations of hemorrhoids

In recent years, the domestic market drugs supplemented with modern drugs, both Russian and foreign production. Now you can use all the drugs used by doctors and their patients in the developed world. Among many new drugs intended for the treatment of diseases of the venous system, including hemorrhoids. Basically, their effect is to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reducing bleeding, reducing swelling and inflammation, which is extremely important in the treatment of acute attacks of hemorrhoids.

Diet for hemorrhoids

Good nutrition is a prerequisite for maintaining health. But at the same time with the food in the body can be harmful and even get health hazard. Some foods contribute to diseases including hemorrhoids. In the treatment of hemorrhoids attaches great importance to the rational diet.