The clinical course of acute hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Of all the complications of hemorrhoids in the first place but the frequency and severity of suffering is acute hemorrhoids (OG). This complication from 22% to 90% of patients with hemorrhoids [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. We observed 323 patients with exhaust gas from them to the proctologist and surgery clinics have addressed only 45 (13.9%) of pregnant and were delivered to the surgical ward 9 (2.9%).

The method of non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids simultaneous radical minimally invasive techniques at his late stages

Hemorrhoids refers to a common disease, which affects 10-15% of the population.

Tactics of treatment of burns of the rectum

In emergency proctology along with injuries and foreign bodies of the rectum frequently hospitalized patients with burns her. Available publications on the burns unit of the colon, as a rule, are descriptive in nature and do not contain information about medical activities. Questions of diagnosis and treatment tactics burns rectum is an urgent task. Since to date there is no reasonable tactics of treatment of patients with burns of the rectum, which takes into account a variety of damaging agents - from a variety of chemical reagents to thermal impact.

About profuse bleeding hemorrhoids

In the classification of hemorrhoids stands acute and chronic for him, and in the first subgroup are 4 degrees of severity of illness in the intensity of the inflammatory process - perianal hemorrhoidal thrombosis and infringement of the separated units with varying degrees of necrosis (VL Rivkin et al., 2001). We should also consider patients who have a life-threatening bleeding hemorrhoids, leading to rapid anemia.

Improving treatment outcomes of patients with acute paraproctitis

Paraproctitis - one of the most common diseases proctologic. But still questions the tactics of treatment of this disease and non-permitted are often the subject of heated debate. Paraproctitis occurs in 5 out of 1000 healthy subjects (0.5%) and 20-40% of all diseases of the rectum [3, 8]. Among proctologic patients of working age, this figure ranges from 6.1 to 22.4% of cases [1, 2, 7, 8].

Results of treatment of acute hemorrhoids paraproctitis and epithelial coccygeal

Over the past 10 years we have improved methods of surgical treatment of 4453 patients with non-tumor diseases of anorectal and sacrococcygeal region, developed tactics pre- and postoperative management of patients with acute hemorrhoids, acute paraproctitis and acute form of epithelial coccygeal. Hemorrhoids is the most common disease of proctology. The high proportion of the acute phase (39%) can be attributed to this pathology in a number of topical issues.

Modern methods of treatment of anal fissures

Anal fissure - one of the most common diseases in Coloproctology. Currently, quite clearly developed indications for the use of different methods of conservative and surgical treatment of anal fissures, cracks excision in combination with different types of sphincterotomy (posterior, lateral subcutaneous submucosa) can achieve good results even in the long-term course of the disease and pektinoze anal canal (1 and 2).

The choice of treatment of acute paraproctitis

Emergency assistance for a number of diseases and traumatic lesions of the rectum, adrectal fiber, perineum and sacrococcygeal region is one of the most important parts of modern proctology. A significant portion of these patients are not getting the full treatment in the general surgical hospitals, resulting in a greater number of relapses, Anal fistula formation and frequent re-capitalization of state.

Diverticular disease: medical and surgical treatments

Diverticular disease is common in developed countries. Now generally accepted that in its prevention and treatment plays an important role in fiber rich plant foods. This disease is surprisingly rare in such large regions such as Africa and India, which explains the high content of fiber in the diet. In the countries of these regions, which penetrates the western way of life, the incidence of diverticular disease increases, although this increase may become apparent only after 20 years.

Selection of the optimal negative pressure in the vacuum ligation of internal hemorrhoids

The urgency of the problem. Hemorrhoids in the structure coloproctological diseases ranked first, its share ranges from 34 to 41%. Its prevalence is quite high and is 118-120 per 1,000 adult population [1], the majority of patients - people of working age. Depending on the degree of increase of hemorrhoids and development of degenerative processes in the holding of fibro-muscular frame are four stages of the disease. For stage I is the characteristic feature of discharge of blood from the anus without loss of hemorrhoids.