Proctologic diseases

Bowel obstruction

Bowel obstruction - a violation of the passage of intestinal contents.I. Etiology  Distinguish mechanical and functional causes of intestinal obstruction (Table. 1). Mechanical obstruction occurs frequently and usually require surgical intervention. In 70-80 / 6 cases it is caused by obstruction of the small intestine in 20-3096 - colon. In the elderly, with an increase in tumor incidence and diverticulitis of colon, and increased frequency of bowel obstruction. 

Treatment of perianal genital warts

Become the type of cauliflower, different in shape and size. In practice physician Coloproctologists relatively rare. Etiology insufficiently studied, described in the literature is small, where the authors adhere to the viral theory (Swerdlov, 1971; Ryzhikh AI 1968; Fedorov VD 1984). In proctology department of the Republican Hospital were treated and operated on 81 patients, including women -27 (33.3%). Patients complained: a feeling of a foreign body in the crotch, feeling the humidity of the skin in this area, pain in the anus during defecation and anal itching.

Experience of treatment of chronic anal fissure

Among proctologic diseases fissures occupy frequency second and third place, behind only the hemorrhoids, and some statistics - and paraproctitis. The share of patients with anal fissure, accounting for up to 9% of patients proctologic hospitals. In the surgical department for the past 3 years, 15 were cured permanently in 1071 people, representing 8.7% of the total number of patients proctologic. All individuals were inpatient treatment for chronic anal fissure, this number does not include patients treated with outpatient for acute anal fissures.

Anal fissure

Anal fissure (or crack the anus) - suddenly there is a longitudinal defect of the mucous membrane of the anal canal. In proctology is one of the most common diseases, occurring as an isolated abnormality, or other accompanying pathology - such as hemorrhoids. The majority of this disease affects young persons and mainly women. The reasons that lead to this pathology may be various: periodic constipation and diarrhea frequent. In the vast majority of cases have arisen spontaneously crack anal passage heal on their own, without requiring special treatment.